August is National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month




Why are Immunizations Important?


Vaccines are prevention against dangerous and fatal diseases in adults and children. Some of these diseases include measles, rubella, and the flu. Most vaccines are given at certain ages. However the flu vaccine is given every year to anyone over the age of 6 months.


What is in a Vaccine?


Vaccines contain substances such as mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum but they are in such small amount they provide no negative effect on an individuals. We are already exposed to these substances in small amount in milk, seafood, exhaust, and water. A weakened form of the disease is contained in the vaccine. Some vaccines also contain substances that help the individual produce a stronger immune response to a specific disease.


Are Immunizations Safe?


Yes, based on 50 years of experience vaccines have an exceedingly low possibility of showing any unexpected long-term issues. Examinations of vaccines are performed on a regular basis to make sure they are safe. Vaccines are usually given in the form of a shot. Some children may experience side effects such as a sore leg, rash, or mild fever from the shots but they usually go away in a day or two.  A more moderate or severe reactions may develop in a few children but this is rare.


How well do Vaccines Work?


Vaccines have proven to be extremely successful. No medication is perfect but vaccines work 90%-100% of the time.

The chances are very small, but it has happened where individuals depending of the vaccination, may develop immunity. However, a second dose may cause the vaccine to work in an individual.


Will my Child get the Disease because of the Vaccine?


No, with inactive vaccines this will not happen because a dead virus cannot cause disease. With a live vaccine an individual may get mild symptoms of the disease but it is never unsafe and is actually proof the vaccine is working.


Why does the Government Require Children to be Vaccinated before Attending School?


The public health system has a priority to protect the health of the public. They do not only protect the individual but they protect the people around them.  If immunizations were not required many parents may choose to not vaccinate their children which could cause the disease to spread into a mass outbreak.


**It is best to see your primary care physician regularly in order to make sure you and your child are update to date with your vaccinations! Please call 773-702-0660 to make an appointment at Friend Family Health Center.**

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